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DS get는 파일 형식에 따라 파일을 Synology NAS나 모바일 기기로 다운로드합니다. BT, NZB, ED2link 같은 torrent 관련 파일은 Synology NAS로 다운로드되고 PDF, Word, TXT 파일 같은 기타 파일 형식은 모바일 기기로 다운로드됩니다 DS get. Synology no longer provides software updates for DS get on Windows Phone (starting May 11, 2018) and Windows UWP (starting May 25, 2020). For more information on the supported platforms of DS get, please visit Synology's official website. *You must own a Synology NAS to run this app.*. With DS get, manage your downloads anywhere you are. Synology. , DS download를 DS get으로 이름 변경. 대만 타이베이—2016년 10월 12일—Synology ® Inc.는 Apple의 App Store 검토 가이드라인을 준수하기 위해 자사 모바일 앱인 DS download의 이름을 DS get으로 변경한다고 발표했습니다. DS get은 DS download와 동일한 기능 및 응용 프로그램 사용을 가집니다. 명명 일관성을 유지하기 위해 조만간 모든 모바일 플렛폼에서 이름이 업데이트될 예정입니다

With DS get, you can monitor download progress on your Synology NAS, view individual task information, and manage the tasks on your Synology NAS just with your iDevice. Important Note: DS get is no longer available on Apple App Store starting from April 2018 DS get을 이용하지 못한다는게 진짜 많이 아쉽다. 신규로는 이제 못한다니~ 많이 아쉽다. 보안상 이렇게 하는 것을 추천한다. {title:시놀로지 (Synology) NAS 활용 2탄! DS get 앱 없이 아이폰, 아이패드에서 토렌트 받는 방법!,source:https://blog.naver.com/shin6752/222059411426,blogName:아빠의 취. 시놀로지는 토렌트 등의 웹자료를 다운로드 받을 수 있는 download Station 기능을 제공하고 있고, 모바일에서는 해당 기능을 DSGet이라는 앱을 통해 사용이 가능하죠. 이 DSGet 앱을 사용해서 토렌트 외에도 유튜브 동영상 다운로드가 가능하다는 걸 기존 시놀로지 사용자분들중에서도 모르는 분들이. Bellevue, Washington—October 12, 2016—Synology ® Inc. announced the name of its mobile application DS download will be changed to DS get in order to comply with Apple's App Store Review Guidelines. DS get has the same features and application uses as DS download. The name has been updated across supported mobile platforms to keep the naming.

Synology. renames DS download to DS get. Taipei, Taiwan—October 12, 2016—Synology ® Inc. announced the name of its mobile application DS download will be changed to DS get in order to comply with Apple's App Store Review Guidelines. DS get has the same features and application uses as DS download 유튜브 동영상 다운로드 시놀로지 DSGet 앱으로 나스에 바로 저장이 가능합니다. 데이스토리 ・ 2018. 4. 4. 17:44. 저는 작년부터 쭉 시놀로지 나스 DS916+를 사용하고 있습니다. 언제 어디서건 인터넷만 연결되는 곳이면 서버로 접근이 가능하기 때문에 미리 작업해서. Synology® renames DS download to DS get. Milton Keynes, United Kingdom - 12th October 2016—Synology ® Inc. announced the name of its mobile application DS download will be changed to DS get in order to comply with Apple's App Store Review Guidelines. DS get has the same features and application uses as DS download. The name will be updated soon.

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Synology Knowledge Center provides you with answers to frequently asked questions, troubleshooting steps, software tutorials, and all the technical documentation you may need 설명을 다시 영어 (미국)로 번역. *You must own a Synology NAS to run this app, and be running the latest Download Station 3.5 on your DiskStation to get the complete set of features*. With DS get, manage your downloads anywhere you are with your Android Device, directly to you DiskStation You must own a Synology NAS to run this app. With DS get, manage your downloads anywhere you are with your Windows Phone 8, directly to you DiskStation. In addition to viewing your Download. Synology no longer provides software updates for DS get on Windows Phone (starting May 11, 2018) and Windows UWP (starting May 25, 2020). For more information on the supported platforms of DS get, please visit Synology's official website. *You must own a Synology NAS to run this app. Just click the file you want to download and your NAS should then begin downloading. Sadly, there is no way to monitor the download progress as in the DS Get app but you can use the DS Files app to see if your file is available. It's not exactly an alternative but it is still a very good workaround until Apple and Synology decide to solve their differences and make the DS Get app available

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. DS get (Android) Version 1.11. DS get le permite administrar sus descargas desde cualquier lugar con su dispositivo Android directamente a DiskStation. Además de visualizar el estado de Download Station, la información de tareas individuales o controlar las configuraciones clave, como programas de descarga, DS get también ofrece un. Toggle Dropdown. Report. I have an DS918+. I used quickconnect.to to , the system asked for the code, but I did not receive any 6-digit code. When I selected lost your phone, I never received any emails from the system which claimed that the code has been sent to my email. I don't remember when I did the 2-step verification Paris, France — 14 Septembre 2016—Synology ® Inc. annonce le changement de nom de son application mobile DS download vers DS get afin the respecter la politique de l'App Store d'Apple. DS get a les mêmes caractéristiques et fonctionnalités que DS download. Le nom sera bientôt renouvelé sur l'ensemble des plateformes mobiles pour garder une concordance au niveau du nom

Hi! Come and join us at Synology Community. A place to answer all your Synology questions. Ask a question or start a discussion now Bref il serait bon que synology réagisse quand même, nan car bon le dernier update remonte a déjà plus d'un an quoi La dernière version de SynoDS est toujours disponible ainsi qu'une β récente. A noter qu'une version de DSget datée de juillet 2019 est disponible... sous Androïd ! 0. Citer; Lien vers le.

Synologyナレッジセンターは、よくある質問への回答、トラブルシューティングの手順、ソフトウェアチュートリアル、必要なすべての技術ドキュメントを提供します What's New 1. Added support for 64-bit architectures. Bug Fixed 1. Fixed the issue where users might not be able to sign in with 2-factor authentication enabled. 2. Fixed the issue where the scrollbar might cover the More button. 3. Fixed the issue where using magnet links containing https to create a download task might not work properly 시놀로지 nas를 잘사용하고 있었다. 주로 스마트폰에서 torrent 화일을 받는데 사용한다. 안드로이드 휴대폰이야 어쩐지 모르겠으나 아이폰의 경우는 이번에 ds dowonload 라는 프로그램에서 ds get으로 바뀌. Dsget works fine for me. You trying to connect local lan, quick connect, vpn? I have some issues connecting through quick connect sometimes, but it's usually through vpn on phone (not vpn to home network) to a complicated apt home network. DSPhoto -> Synology Photos has given me some headdaches

I think it has something to do with Synology worrying about being associated with illegal torrent dloads and violating AppStore's terms. If you still have it on an iOS device, you can move the .IPA file to another device and it works. I keep doing that and it's working (latest on an iPad Pro 11) 我的nas介绍第二篇:群晖nas软件介绍与应用之ds get篇 前言 1、为什么选择nas 之所以我现在建议大家选择nas,不仅仅因为网盘的不稳定性和不安全性(遇到和谐大神不说,网盘也经历了各种风风雨雨,从和谐到倒闭不 시놀로지 NAS 토렌트 다운로드 하는 방법 결론부터 말씀드리면 DS918+ 에서 토렌트 다운로드하는 방법은 2가지 Download Station 그리고 Transmission 있습니다. NAS를 사용하면서 은근히 많이 사용하는 기능. Bonjour dsget semble ne plus se lancer sur iPad os 14.6 ( « mise à jour du développeur nécessaire ») Avez vous des informations svp ? merci

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이상, Synology NAS에서 BitTorrent client를 사용하는 방법 세 가지를 정리해봤습니다. 제 생각에는, plus 모델 NAS를 사용 중이시고 Linux에 대한 이해도가 어느 정도 되신다면 qBittorrent든 Transmission이든 Docker 상에 설치하는 세번째 방법이 가장 효율적이면서 안정적일 것 같습니다 Das deutsche Synology Support Forum ist die Heimat einer der größten und aktivsten Communities für Synology Produkte weltweit. Seit dem Jahr 2006 wurden auf der Plattform fast eine Millionen Beiträge zu Synology Produkten und Lösungen verfasst. Das Forum ist somit eine der grössten Wissensdatenbanken zu Synology Produkten im Internet

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  1. In my (home) office I have a Synology RS2416+ with a few drives running in SHR-1 mode. It was fine when it was just me, but with everyone using it for Time Machine, file access and cloud backup it's been slowing to a crawl. Time Machine would take hours or sometimes days which meant that if we had multiple Macs backing up they'd take more than a day or just fail
  2. 다운로드 스테이션 (2) - DLM화일. NAS 2020. 10. 2. 10:00. 시놀로지나스의 다운로드 스테이션은 토렌트화일을 받기 위한 대표적인 서비스 툴이다. 유튜브화일도 받을수 있고 PDF문서,사진,영상 화일도 공유주소만 있으면 모두 받을수 있다. 토렌트화일을 받을수 있는 세.
  3. Open Synology Download Station. Click Add and select .dlm file. Press OK to confirm changes. Select TorrentDay.Com row. Click Edit and enter your and password. Click Verify to test connection. Download and unpack torrentday_syno_search.host file. Click Add and select .host file. That's it
  4. Ik werk alleen vanaf de ipad en gebruik DSget app. Nou heb ik regelmatig met nzbs dat er een ww op de rars zit en ik vroeg mij af na een hoop gegoogel of dat in de app is in te voeren ? Vanaf de pc kan het wel voor zover ik het kon zien. Mijn Synology: DS411j. HDD's: 4x WD. Er is genoeg voor ieders behoefte maar niet genoeg voor ieders hebzucht
  5. Network Addressed Storage specialists Synology have a lot to announce this week, and perhaps one of the more surprising is a simple name change. DS download, a smartphone app which interfaces with your Synology NAS unit to manage your downloads whereever you are in the world, is now known as DS Get.The change of name and branding starts on the Apple App Store and will soon to spread across.

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  1. I started downloads via DSget app on Android and it went into waiting status and remained there for 12+ hours. To me helped to run DownloadStation from web dsm gui and it prompted for a default download destination directory. Then the downloads started immediatelly. I set the destination before in DSget but it obviously did not work
  2. From the front end, I'd like to have a user with my family/clients being able to view the photos from the server in Synology Photos and ask for any changes they would want. 29. 11 comments. share. save. hide. report. Continue browsing in r/synology. r/synology. News, discussion, and community support for Synology devices
  3. I was trying to d/l a couple of films from Yts.com And directed it via DSGET To the nas download station... Rusty. Moderator. NAS Support. 4,267 1,233 www.blackvoid.club NAS DS718+, DS918+, 2x RS3614RPxs SynoForum.com is an unofficial Synology forum for NAS owners and enthusiasts. Registration is free, easy and fast.
  4. Download DS get apk 1.12.5 for Android. Download anything easily to your Synology NAS Serve

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il en est de même pour les autres applications mobile de Synology dsget, dsaudio, dscam, Je ne comprends pas très bien comment ca fonctionne en fonction de ce que tu dis. Si j'ai FileStation d'installer, avec un port HTTPS personnalisé et un alias, comment l'appli va savoir que ndd.fr doit en réalité diriger vers ndd.fr/file ou ndd.fr:[portperso With numerous VPN Synology Nas Dsget Nordvpn services available, there should be a lot of scrutinies to find the perfect one based on your demands. In this TorGuard Vs IPVanish comparison review, we're going to compare these two VPN services based on factors such as. synology drive exposed on a non standard port . I have been using this setup for months, as far as I know my certificate and its certification chain are both valid. DSFile, DSGet, DSFinder all work with my current setup in https, with check certificate when the app provides the option. Any suggestion would be welcome

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  1. Synology Nas Dsget Nordvpn, Download Hotspot Shield 6 7 2 Full, polyu vpn student, Fehler 668 Vpn. 09. hours. BY Adrian Try Updated May 18, 2019 • 0 comments. menu. 2 weeks ago; VPN Comparison 0 Best Reviews 2019-07-12 16:08:40 Compare the top 10 VPN providers of 2019 with this side-by-side VPN service comparison chart that Synology.
  2. Under DSM6, most DS apps had hard-coded ports, so you had to include the custom port number when connecting. IDK if DSM7 is the same, but I doubt Synology made but the most basic changes in migrating DS apps to DSM7. In my case, DS File URL is. toadsqut.synology.me:4444
  3. ‎Get today the most advanced download manager for your Synology device ! *** SynoDS is the only application to be fully compatible with DSM2.2 to DSM6.0 firmwares *** SynoDS is an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad native client for Synology's Download Station (aka Download Redirector) and for the Synology Fi
  4. Synology Nas Dsget Nordvpn, Certificat Purevpn, How To Connect To Torguard, samsung galaxy tab 2 vp
  5. Synology知识中心为您提供常见问题的解答,故障排除步骤,软件教程以及您可能需要的所有技术文档

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2018.04.17 [Synology NAS 리뷰 #2] NAS관리툴 DiskStation (1) 2018.04.17 [Synology NAS 리뷰#1] DS118 개봉기 [Synology NAS리뷰 #3] DSget(토렌트), Download Station 어 Functionalities: regarding the task management, it is similar for all 3 products with the following differences: SynoDS manages only torrents for the moment, but is the best of all 3 apps regarding the triggering of BT tasks, thanks to the excellent built-in browser. The built-in browser of DSget does not handle properly pop-up windows Aprende las diferencias entre QuickConnect y DDNS en éste vídeo que te presentamos en Qloudea.com. Además aprende a configurar tu cuenta de QuickConnect y u.. Synology no longer provides software updates for DS get on Windows Phone (starting May 11, 2018) and Windows UWP (starting May 25, 2020). For more information on the supported platforms of DS get, please visit Synology's official website ‎Download apps by Synology Inc., including DS photo, DS video, Synology Active Insight, and many more

Downloadstation en NZB werkt niet. Sinds kort heb ik een NAS 415+ en probeer Downloadstation te gebruiken in combi met NZB's. Downloadstation vind wel gewoon de NZB's in de ingestelde map, laad ze in maar vervolgens gebeurt er niets. Ik heb een payserver en heb voor Downloadstation dezelfde instellingen gebruikt als ik voor SABNZB op mijn PC. Beste leden, ik download al jaren via mijn IPad met DSGet naar DS Filestation. Heb onlangs het nieuwe besturingssysteem van Apple erop gezet (IOS 14.1) en nu werkt DS Get niet meer. Daarnaast is DS Get ook niet meer in de Apple store te zien 시놀로지 Synology Chat 챗서버 기능 및 적용모델 (0) 2020.10.19: 시놀로지 synology nas 유플러스 공유기 루프백 설정 해결방법 (0) 2020.10.16: 줌 zoom 화면 공유 및 소리 공유 방법 (0) 2020.10.1

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  1. Temps de connexion dsfile, dsget, Par Phil2000 , le 26 décembre 2019 dans DS Audio / DS Vidéo / DS File / DS Photo+ / DS Cam / DS Finder / DS Get / DS MailPlu
  2. Synology API에서 연동할 수 있도록 Download Station 응용프로그램 허용 권한을 줍니다. 계정을 생성했으면 현재 계정을 로그 아웃하고, 생성한 계정으로 로그인을 해봅니다. dsget 앱 필요 없이 사용할수 있을듯 해서 newtype
  3. 群晖NAS软件DS video的介绍及使用方法教程. 前言 1、群晖NAS下的视频播放器Video station 上面视频讲的是如何使用Video Station观赏NAS上的影片,英语配音,中文字幕。 关于群晖NAS的软件与应用,可以看看我发表的系列文章:我会慢慢讲述群晖和威联通各种的APP应用。 1、为什么选择NAS之所以我现在建议大家.
  4. synology server 1 application 2 (https emby media server via app or browser) port xxx2 synology server 1 application 3 (https synology dsget app or via browser for file transfer) port xxx3 wireguard (from dd-wrt tab tunnel configured) to securely connect and access all local 192.168.x./24 network ips from remot
  5. To also make the computer a member of a specific group (for applying group policy), use the -memberof option. Examples. Display the list of all groups, to which pc64 belongs: C:\> dsget computer cn=pc64,ou=computers,dc=ss64,dc=com -memberof -expand. Display the descriptions of all computers in an organizational unit (OU) named France whose name.
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Hi, I like the idea of Drive and apps like DSget and DSfile over the internet so you have access to your files everywhere. Problem is, you need to port forward the port 5001 and it make me a little nervous. In one month, I had over 10 attempts from China with the user admin Hello, I hope, someone can help me with this: I have a Synology Diskstation DS214+ with lots of videos and movies on it, and I would like to watch these videos and movies on a Smart TV. Until now I have been using a Google Chromecast ( version 2 I believe), and for most movies, it is working, including the english subtitles

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黑群晖简介: 黑群晖指的是不是购买正规的群晖的nas 而是在普通电脑上装群晖nas的系统。从硬件来说,群晖本来就是软阵列,和普通PC的软阵列比,没多大分别;黑群晖给你一个打包好的nas,功能全面的轻量化系统,使用很方便。群晖科技(Synology )创立于 2000 年,自始便专注于打造高效能、可靠. DS get的功能. 开始使用 DS get 前,请先确认您是否已在 Synology NAS 安装 DSM 和 Download Station,对于我来说,DS get最大的功能是PT下载和分享,用到最多的是利用RSS功能来订阅并进行下载。. BT释义. 群晖Download Station下PT设置和应用. 登录界面比较简洁,最顶上是登录的ID. 그런데 이미 시놀로지 나스를 가지고 계신 분들이라면 별도 pc를 구매하실 필요 없습니다. 시놀로지를 토렌트 클라이언트로 만들 수 있기 때문인데요. 나스가 일반 pc보다 전력 소모가 작기도 하고 24시간 항상 켜져 있는 장치이도 하다 보니 토렌트 클라이언트로 사용하기 딱 좋습니다 <strong>We're sorry but sspai doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. Please enable it to continue.</strong.

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Ik zie geen Synology als eigenaar staan maar: Thomas Le Gravier Deze heeft dus zelf een app gebouwd als vervanger van DSGet, maar daarmee is het bog niet een officiële Synology App. Zoek de verschillen 教你玩转NAS第四篇:教你群晖NAS软件DS file的使用方法教程文章转自hao4K前言1、群晖NAS下的视频播放器Video station上面的视频讲述的是如何使用Video Station观恩山无线论

之前群晖有一个APP叫 DS get ,但现在已经下架了,这个APP可以添加PT站下载任务,挺方便的,但不知为何下架了。 那现在要怎样用手机添加PT站下载任务呢? 其实很简单,和电脑一样,用浏览器登陆群晖,和电脑添加下载任务一样的操作。 手机浏览器登陆群晖,一般默认是手机的浏览模式,要 改成. Look for DSPhoto, DSGet, DSFile, DSVideo, DSCloud, DSAudio and more. I cannot see me ever choosing a different NAS provider over Synology. Read more. 5 people found this helpful. Report abuse. baldboy. 4.0 out of 5 stars Poor instructions and pulsing green lights detract (slightly) from an excellent system Bonjour à tous, Voici ma config Sur mon routeur, j'ai redirigé les ports 16881 en TCP et 6881 en UDP sur mon synology qui a un bail permanent Je download a pleine vitesse de ce côté tout va bien en revanche côté upload, ça fonctionne parfaitement sur tous les torrents publiques mais pour yggtorre..

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J'utilise les différentes applications de base synology à distance (dsvideo, dsget, ds audio, synology drive, ds file) ainsi que Plex Au départ j'avais redirigé les ports sur ma box internet et sur le pare feu du NAS et activé le DDNS avec un nom de domaine synology.me Tout fonctionnait, y compris la lecture des vidéos dans DSVIDEO Synology, in my opinion, is arguably one of the best personal NAS provider out there. We've covered why I decided to purchase one, and many other tricks you can do with a Synology NAS server. The nature of a personal NAS is really your own cloud, that you have 100% control over, and the nature of a cloud is to be able to accessible your data anywhere on any devices Message erreur connexion avec DSGET mais pas DSFILE #98092. un ami m'a aidé a installer mon NAS Synologie dans ma maison et depuis j'utilise les applications DSGET et DSFILE que je trouve bien pratique. depuis quelque temps, je n'arrive plus à me connecter à DSGET alors que je peux le faire sans problème via DSFILE Synology DS916+ is backed with Synology's 3-year limited warranty. Satisfy Your Need for Both Performance and Data Security Synology DS916+ is a full-featured 4-drive-bay network attached storage solution specifically designed for small and medium-sized business users and IT enthusiasts who care about high performance throughput and safety for data sharing and backup 下载中心 - DS120j | 群晖科技 Synology Inc. 产品. NAS 和 SAN. Surveillance. 存储设备和附加设备. 塔式服务器. DS - 桌面式 NAS. 机架式服务器. FS - 全闪存阵列 RS - 通用 SA - 高扩充性 UC - IP/FC SAN

This rule is to ensure that if the VPN connection is down, the Synology (almost) cannot connect to Internet to prevent/minimise 'leaks'. I can do remote access to my Synology via QuickConnect via specific apps (mostly Synology apps, e.g. dsFile, dsGet, etc.), but I cannot connect to others, e.g. Radarr, Sickrage, etc コマンドプロンプトからユーザーアカウントを操作するためのコマンド「net user」は、Active Directoryで拡張された属性を操作できない。Active Directoryオブジェクトを操作するには、dsgetやdsmod、dsqueryなどのコマンドが利用できる 技术咨询官网右下角:sy.to/undmt 教程看微信:Synology_China 企业解决方案:Synology群晖企业方案 抽奖看微博:Synology群晖科 ik gebruik al heel lang de Synology met versie DSM 4.3-3776 Werkt perfect geen probleem, maar sinds een 2 weken ben ik erachter dat je met Download Station, perfect via NZB kan downloaden, dat werkt ook. Maar..... Van de 10 items (films) die ik download, zijn er meestal 5 gelukt en werken ook , ik kan ze afspelen